Western Carolina Bbq Sauce

Western Carolina Bbq Sauce

Carolina vinegar BBQ sauce is a sour and spicy sauce that originated in North Carolina. Simmer over moderate heat for 30 minutes until thickened.

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What kind of BBQ is North Carolina known for.

Western carolina bbq sauce. Stock Out 500. Mix all ingredients together and let sit at least 10 minutes or indefinitely in the refrigerator. Rated 500 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating.

Whereas Western North Carolinians add tomato ketchup to their vinegar based sauce. Western Carolina BBQ Sauce uses that base and incorporates tomato usually in the form of ketchup andor tomato paste or sauce. Entrikin Carolina Beef Rub.

Rated 0 out of 5 700. Like Eastern BBQ the base is still a heavy dosage of vinegar with the slight addition of a tomato product to sweeten up the tang a bit. Black pepper 1 12 TBSP ketchup 12 cup North Carolina Vinegar BBQ Sauce.

Western BBQ is usually sweeter redder in color and made only with pork shoulder. The only difference is the introduction of tomato or ketchup to the sauce. Free Shipping Within US.

Make the Eastern Carolina Sauce. Then they explained that Western-style BBQ pictured below also called Lexington style is also made with a vinegar based sauce but that sauce includes a tomato or ketchup component. Sauces and Rubs born from the Carolinas.

Western Carolina This sauce usually has a thicker consistency than its East Carolina counterpart thanks to the tomato sauce or ketchup base often used as a dip. What is Western BBQ sauce. Entrikin Western Carolina BBQ Sauce.

Both versions are delicious and it really depends on whether or not you prefer a touch of tomato with your sauce. Co-owner Natalie Ramsey calls it Shelby Style The sauce has a ketchup and vinegar base. Everything to me is Shelby because we are so unique and we do everything our own way Ramsey says.

Eastern North Carolina BBQ sauce is vinegar based. Not to be confused with the heat of the Eastern North Carolina Vinegar Sauce this Western South Carolina BBQ sauce has much deeper and more complex flavor thanks in part to a good dose of mustard. Entrikin Carolina Pork Chicken Rub.

Enjoy it on a variety of foods from beef to chicken to seafood. Eastern Carolina BBQ Sauce is a simple blend of vinegar red pepper flakes and salt and pepper. Entrikin Carolina Sauce Co.

Its rich full bodied and with a ketchup base the type of sauce that youd find in the upstate and Savannah River areas. The defining Piedmont and Western North Carolina-style barbecue sauce which basically takes an Eastern-style sauce and adds just enough ketchup or ketchup-like ingredients for a little sweetness and body came into use after the Heinz company began mass-producing what we today know of as American-style ketchup around the turn of the 20th. In North Carolina barbecue sauce means a mixture of vinegar salt red and black pepper and a few secret ingredients I have seen everything from exotic spices to Everclear.

South Carolina in many parts of South Carolina their BBQ sauce has a mustard base which gives it its yellow hue. Red Bridges BBQ Lodge in Cleveland County a barbecue joint that opened in 1946 sells Western Carolina style BBQ sauce. Western North Carolina BBQ is actually not much different from Eastern as far as the sauce is concerned.

Eastern Carolina BBQ sauce cuts through the rich. Rated 0 out of 5 500. A rich and robust blend of cayenne pepper with minced onion Cookies Western Style BBQ Sauce is a unique combination of sweet and spicy.

Season with salt and pepper. This thin vinegar-based sauce is the ultimate BBQ sauce for pork.

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