Traeger Pork Picnic Shoulder

Traeger Pork Picnic Shoulder

Because the leg muscles work a lot more than the back the meat is a little tougher here than the butt thus requiring a bit more time to coax out tenderness. This cut includes most of the hogs front leg quarter.

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A shoulder cut with the shank — or hock — attached is called a picnic ham.

Traeger pork picnic shoulder. Traeger pulled pork is the best way to go about cooking this pork cut from the upper shoulder portion of the pig or hog. 11 hours on the Traeger with apple wood pellets. Pork picnic is a part of the pigs front shoulder.

Anncio Nova Preview Coleo Cobog. Liberally rub the bbq rub into the outside of the shoulder on all sides. Place the grill on smoke.

Fire up your Traeger according to manufacturer instructions. While pigs walk on all 4 legs and technically have 4 shoulders the rear shoulders made into ham. A pigs front shoulder is actually two different cuts.

Internal temp of meat was 195 cooking temp was between 218 -250No mop or sauce just a simple rub. This is the main reason I only smoke bone-in pork. 07102020 It says that you should get the pork from 40 degrees to 140 within 4 hours.

The rest of the pork shoulder is fine as it has never been exposed to the outside unlike boneless pork butts. For the first big cook on my Traeger Select Elite I decided to do a Smoked Pork Shoulder Roasttraegergrills pulledpork smokedporkshoulderThis pork shoul. The outside of the pork is exposed to bacteria and its crucial to get that outside up to 140 as quick as possible.

Unwrap pork and put into an aluminum 913 pan. Preheat smoker to 250 degrees F. The top half is the pork butt or pork shoulder.

Lift up meat and pour excess rub that is. Anncio Nova Preview Coleo Cobog. Pour dry rub on meat and press down flip over and create a thick coat of it on the other side as well as pressing it on firmly on to all sides.

Place the shoulder on the grill grates and smoke for 4-5 hours. Below the butt is the pork shoulder.

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