How To Cook Catfish Pepper Soup With Plantain

How To Cook Catfish Pepper Soup With Plantain

Add your onions, red pepper, yellow pepper.; How to cook fresh catfish stew.

Coconut Fish Pepper soup and Plantain Stuffed pepper

You can substitute the plantain for yam or sweet potato for a delicious alternative!

How to cook catfish pepper soup with plantain. The ukodo white pepper soup porridge can go with plantain or yam. The best way i do this is to cook the washed fish in a different pot, cook the tomato stew in another pot before pouring into the cooked fish, and leaving to simmer until yummy. Add catfish pieces to the sauce and cook for.

Place in a pot and add just enough water to just cover the fish. Bring to boil on low heat. Peel plantain and cut into small chunks, so they cook faster.

Place in a pot, add enough water to cover the catfish. Add the chopped atarodo / dry pepper, maggi, salt and peppersoup spice (put as much or as little depending on how spicy you want it) once the catfish is nearly cooked, add the diced plantain and leave to cook. Perfect for lunch or dinner on a cold rainy day.

The classic way to make plantain pepper soup is with goat meat, but you can substitute it with any of your favourite protein and simply adjust the cooking time. (wide pot is advisable as it reduces the fish scattering when you stir ) Allow to boil till the fish is tender.

On the menu today is my delicious catfish pepper soup with unripe plantain. After 10 minutes, add the ground pepper, ground crayfish and the ground pepper soup spices, stir carefully until the catfish is cooked. Add your already grounded pepper soup spice depending on the quantity of the water.;

In a pot, put the seasoned fish, put the plantain, crayfish, onions, maggi, rest of the peppersoup spices and some water. Place fish in a pot add little water and steam just till the water is almost dried up, then add more water into the pot just enough for your pepper soup. Posted on april 6, 2021 by kingsley.

Catfish clean and ready to be cooked. Nigerian catfish pepper soup even if you can get nigerian pepper soup in any road side. Place a pot on medium heat, add about 1 litre of water, pepper soup spice mix, ground pepper, crayfish, cameroon pepper, seasoning, onions, tomato puree, and bring to boil, this should be around 5 minutes.

This toughens the pores and skin of the fish so that it does no longer fall apart at some point of. Fresh fish stew is very easy to cook if one knows how to avoid stirring the fish while it cooks. Catfish peppersoup is a very delicious and light meal that is still very satisfying!

Add water ( the quantity you want for the pepper soup); Delicious tilapia fish and plantain pepper soup learn how to make chicken pepper soup with list of peppersoup ingredients, goat meat pepper soup, catfish pepper soup and. Add onions, seasoning cubes and salt to taste.

Season the catfish with the mix and set aside for 20 minutes. Put your catfish into a pot. Catfish pepper soup can also be enjoyed with boiled yam, agidi or plantain.

Egusi soup (frying method) goat meat pepper. Pour water into your pot add the plantain and let it cook for 3 minutes. Add your salt, cameron pepper, maggi, crayfish.

You can also change your choice of protein for this soup, with assorted meat, fresh fish, dry fish, goat meat or chicken Some tribes like the itsekeri and urohobos add diced okra to their catfish pepper soup and eat it with starch. Plantain pepper soup is rather easy to make and most of the ingredients are probably already present in your pantry or fridge.

Unripe plantain pepper soup also aid in weight loss. Wash your fresh catfish with hot water to remove dirt from the fish. Add habanero(rodo), onion, ehuru (dry mill in a grinder), uziza, uda (if you don't have uziza and uda you can use just ehuru only), and cook until the fish is cooked, shake the pot don't use a spoon to stir so the fish doesn't disintegrate.

For this recipe, let’s stick to catfish, fresh or dried, doesn’t matter. Boil a few warm water and pour on the pieces of fish, stir and remove right now. Cover and bring to a boil, add ground ehuru, uziza and uda, gently shake and swirl your pot, cook.

Catfish pepper soup with plantain: You might want to try; As soon as the fish is cooked, remove and leave plantain to cook till soft.

Season the catfish with the mix and set aside for 20 minutes. Add onions, seasoning cube, crayfish, peppers and sprinkle some salt. A simple recipe and guide to cooking the white pepper soup porridge.

In a pot, put the seasoned fish, put the plantain, crayfish, onions, maggi, rest of the peppersoup spices and some water. For this chicken and plantain pepper soup, i sed a very ripped plantain but if you like unripe plantain or if it is what you have, feel free to use it but you’ll need to cook the plantain a little bit longer than i did.

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