What To Eat On A Very Tight Budget

What To Eat On A Very Tight Budget

Buy frozen for amazing value and use when needed. Eat say six ounces per meal and store the rest for future meals.

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Meal ideas- Mash potato roast root veggies potato salad sweet potato fries baked potato leek and potato soup gratin potato curry.

What to eat on a very tight budget. Have a couple of nuts with fruit to add a little protein and fat. Fruits and vegetables on a strict budget Cabbage Cheap high in fiber and vitamin C and K. Here is a guide to look for what could be in season.

Eat season specific foods. Wholesome bread is filling make your own or buy reduced and use as a basis for a cheap meal to help you eat on a very tight budget. Things like eggs cooked with vegetables yogurt full fat non-flavored with fresh or frozen fruit wholemeal toast with natural peanut butter peanut butter with nothing but peanuts and salt make excellent cheap breakfasts.

Go for it and enjoy your health on tight budget. Try to keep your meals below 1 a person or less. Very low calorie and stores well in your fridge Broccoli cauliflower Brussels sprouts Ill bundle these as they are so similar.

Some vegetable staples that are usually cheap all year round include. Keep fresh fruit around to eat between meals rather than processed snacks that cost more. Seasonal produce is better in taste and nutritious.

Check out this mammoth post of 55 cheap and easy meals to cut your grocery budget. Nuts can be expensive but walnuts are. These vegetables can keep longer and you can decide which ones suit your family better when buying.

This means eating the obvious things such as beans pulses and abundant veg but also cheaper fish such as mackerel pouting and flounder and. Seasonal food is always inexpensive. These are veggies that grow underground like carrot sweet potato turnip parsnips and beets.

Cook a pound of rice then add some diced tomatoes and garlic when its hot you can also add some meat too such as ground turkey. Inexpensive food but nutritious. Have a look on it and find out the fruits and vegetables you can find in particular season.

This makes several pounds of food for just a dollar or two. Onions potatoes cabbage carrots celery sweet potatoes frozen vegetables like peas and beans tinned or bottled tomatoes. Meat is more expensive than beans and pulses so have more meat free meals.

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