What To Do With Leftover Savoury Shortcrust Pastry

What To Do With Leftover Savoury Shortcrust Pastry

Even if you have bought your pastry ready made you are suddenly making a belt and britches rough puff pastry. Bake till hot and crisp.

Quiche Is One Of My Favorite Things To Have Frozen So I Can Warm And Eat At All Times I C Ham And Cheese Quiche Shortcrust Pastry Recipes Cheese Quiche Recipe

Supplied per 750 grams.

What to do with leftover savoury shortcrust pastry. You could also fold in dried fruit such as raisins or apricots chopped nuts or chunks of chocolate for something a little more interesting to serve with afternoon tea. Flexitarians aka Flexible Vegetarians have a plant-based diet with the occasional addition of meat. If Danny loads the dishwasher when I get back from work and the cycle finishes before supper has reached the table I know that Im running a bit late.

Toss with sugar and cinnamon and scatter over the top of a dish of cooked apples or whatever. As long as we are in the heat of the moment we might as well use it so as not to spoil it. Get loads more easy casserole recipes here.

Storing Leftover Puff Pastry Scraps. Turn this dough into mini-pizza tartlets or mini-turnovers. Sprinkle one half with the grated cheese and fold the other half over the cheese.

When you darken a mold with shortcrust pastry there is always some dough left. It depends on how much leftover pastry crust you have but making cookies is always a good idea. Storing Leftover Puff Pastry Scraps.

Festive Mince Pie Twists. The Office Pastry Fairy. Chicken and mushroom pie with shortcrust pastry.

The cycle is 108 minutes. Roll this out and keep on folding and rolling until the cheese is well mixed into the pastry. 3 Spoon the berry filling not too much into the centre of each.

It can be as simple as cutting your pastry into random shapes sprinkling it with a yummy topping grated cheese pesto paprika cinnamon and sugar etc. Bake till hot and crisp. Use a saucer or small plate to cut out 4 circles of pastry then place a spoonful of your leftover stew onto one half fold over the pastry crimp the edges together with a fork and brush with egg wash.

Some people will have a meat-free meal once a week while others will only eat meat on rare occasions. Here are our ideas for recycling your leftover shortcrust pastry. Roll together leftover shortcrust pastry roll out and sprinkle with sugar cut with a shaped cutter of your choice and bake to make tasty teatime treats.

Easy crispy snacks. Here are some ideas for re-using or preserving it at its best. If youre wondering what to make with shortcrust pastry our recipes are sure to inspire you with a variety of ideas for lunch dinner and dessert.

The flexitarian diet is increasing in popularity especially with people who do not want to commit to a full vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Mould all your scraps of pastry into a ball and roll out. If you dont want to make any more pies there are still plenty of quick and easy things you can do with your pastry.

The original pie is ready to serve but why not make small mini-tarts for friends or. Easy 45 Mins 16 twists. Today I thought Id show you some ways I use those left over shortcrust pastry remains that arent enough to make a whole pie with but wasteful to.

Toss with sugar and cinnamon and scatter over the top of a dish of cooked apples or whatever. Using the same principal as above but more sophisticatedly is that a word roll the leftover pastry scraps out and cut into random or not random ie. Roll out the leftover pastry scraps and cut out discs of about 8-10cm in diameter.

Sandwich together with jam and whipped cream. Using the same principal as above but more sophisticatedly is that a word roll the leftover pastry scraps out and cut into random or not random ie. Christmas Star Brownie Mincemeat Tart.

For a savoury version brush with oil or butter and sprinkle with parmesan paprika cumin or your favourite spices then bake until golden. Simply bake pastry scraps dusted with sugar until golden and puffed. Moderate 170 Mins 8 Servings.

Jam Pasties One way to use up leftover Shortcrust Pastry 250g plain flour 150g chilled unsalted butter diced 2 egg yolks. Transform leftover pastry scraps into deluxe cheese Christmas snacks.

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