How To Cook Beef Tri-tip On The Charcoal Bbq Grill

How To Cook Beef Tri-tip On The Charcoal Bbq Grill

Using a sharp knife, cut just below the skin and work your way across the meat. Go ahead and coat the meat with olive oil and season generously with coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper.

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Sprinkle the rub liberally on the meat.

How to cook beef tri-tip on the charcoal bbq grill. We cook it on the rotisserie on the grill and end up with a wonderful piece of meat. If you are using a rotisserie do it after you have placed the meat through the rod. Season tri tip on all sides with rub and place on the indirect heat on your.

Then move them to the indirect heat area and let them cook over the indirect heat with the weber top closed for another 20 or so minutes. If your tri tip has a full fat layer, you may trim it if you wish, but this is not mandatory, and simply adds a little more cooking time. Get your bbq or smoker humming at about 225 degrees, burning your favorite flavor of wood or charcoal.

The meat should cook in its water content. Whether you are using a gas or charcoal grill, following a few steps when grilling and knowing how long to cook the particular food will help assure a successful outcome. Move the meat to the cooler side, over indirect heat, and continue to cook.

Combine ingredients for the rub in a small bowl. Steps to success grilling may seem as simple as throwing some meat on a hot grill, but it is actually a bit more involved than that, and there are a few tips to keep in mind. Combine ingredients for mopping liquid in a small bowl and set aside.

Insert a meat thermometer (or have an instant read one handy) cook on side one for 3 minutes, flip and grill on side two. The temperature of your grill. Tri tip is a lean cut of meat, so we leave any fat present to ensure a more flavorful, moist roast.

Cook until internal temperature reaches 127 (or up to 130 degrees) for medium rare to medium and remove.

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