Easy And Cheap Meals For A Crowd

Easy And Cheap Meals For A Crowd

Once youre done just set it to warm with a serving spoon nearby and your job here is done. Serve with lettuce tomatoes sour cream salsa option add a can of black beans.

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Mac and Cheese for a Crowd.

Easy and cheap meals for a crowd. While mac is cooking shred 3 large blocks of cheese our favorites are Sharp Cheddar or Colby Jack Put shredded cheese over the cooked and drained mac stir quickly and cover the pot. My usual dinner for a crowd is Taco Rice Casserole browned beef with onion and taco seasoning cooked brown rice homemade thick gravy in place of the creamshroom soup diced green pepper Heat and top with shredded cheddar and crushed tortilla chips. All you need is a can of cannellini beans some fresh herbs lemon juice and olive oil plus your choice of dippers.

Easy Party Pizza Sticks Recipe If youre searching for an easy and inexpensive appetizer for a crowd the hunt stops here. Oven Bacon from Allrecipes While not a recipe per se its an easy way to make bacon for a crowd. BBQ Pork for Sandwiches.

The only cooking involved here is browning the ground beefits all downhill from there. A slow cooker can be an incredibly helpful tool when cooking for a crowd. 15 Cheap and Easy Dinners.

Turn to a bean dip when you need a budget-friendly appetizer. Oven Scrambled Eggs from Allrecipes Another great idea to make a big batch of scrambled eggs without much effort. Aunt Carols Spinach and Fish Bake.

Tasty healthy and easy to make a smoked trout platter works as a starter for any crowd and sets the stage for an afternoon or evening of food friends and fun. You can can make large quantities of soups tender cuts of meats or even pasta dishes. These crispy cheesy pizza sticks are the perfect snack to whip up for a Super Bowl spread birthday party or a casual family get-together.

Fresh veggies or pita chips are great options. Take 2 boxes of Elbow Mac and cook according to directions then drain and put back in the pot DO NOT RINSE. Also it tastes just as good as frying it in the pan.

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