Smoothies With Frozen Spinach

Smoothies With Frozen Spinach

One cup of fresh spinach leaves blended into a smoothie provides almost 200 percent of the daily recommended intake of vitamin K. However there is a wide range of ingredients that you can combine with your frozen spinach to make it tasty.

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One handful of mixed berries three romaine lettuce leaves a banana a carrot and a cup of cold water.

Smoothies with frozen spinach. Im one of these people that ALWAYS keep frozen spinach in my freezer. Then when it is solid toss a couple of them into the blender with the rest of your smoothie ingredients and the frozen cubes will give you a. At the same time vitamin K stimulates osteocalcin activity which anchors calcium molecules inside of bones.

Two small persimmons an apple one stalk of celery a handful of spinach and a cup of milk. This includes blueberries peaches pineapple oranges and mangos. Once you have poured the mixture into your container of choice stick it in the freezer and let the puréed spinach freeze into spinach-ice cubes.

You may add ¼ cup of condensed milk for flavoring. Ice fruits or green leaves can provide the best Smoothie that fresh fruit or Spinach cannot produce. Whenever you go for making a Smoothie you have to follow some simple steps.

How to Use Frozen Spinach for Smoothies Transfer 2 cups of crushed ice into a blender. Add ¼ kg of sugar and 1 ½ cups of evaporated milk. 1 scoop chocolate protein powder.

1 cup frozen strawberries. 1 tablespoon peanut butter. The really interesting thing is that raw spinach contains Vitamin C and folate iron so there is a natural uptake combo there already.

The fruits and veggies can be fresh frozen or a mix of both. – Tropical Green Smoothie – Simple Green Smoothie – The Best Green Smoothie – Smoothie Freezer Packs this is a great idea How to freeze spinach for your smoothie. Blend the Spinach freeze them and preserve them for making your Smoothie.

Vitamin K prevents osteoclast activation an activity that breaks down bones. 2 tablespoons cocoa powder. Here are a few of our favorite smoothie recipes that use frozen spinach.

Most of the Smoothie made from frozen blended Spinach or fruit. I simply saute it with an onion and serve with lemon juice for a quick side I also use it in pies quiche with eggs or to make simple green smoothies. Therefore a green smoothie containing citrus or berries and frozen spinach is a good way to go if you need extra iron.

Frozen spinach is cheap packed with antioxidants and a great way to consume more leafy greens. And just so you know a 100-gram serving is roughly 3 13 cups raw or 12 cup cooked. 12 pack frozen spinach.

The kids are sure to love a sweet and creamy yet healthy chocolate and banana spinach smoothie.

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