Cooking A Picnic Ham On The Grill

Cooking A Picnic Ham On The Grill

Baking the Ham. Pour the water in the bottom of a large roasting pan.

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This will be just the right amount of time for your glaze to caramelize and brown.

Cooking a picnic ham on the grill. Wait until the coals are covered with a white ash before putting them into the smoker. A good rule of thumb is 12-15 minutes per pound when you stay between 225-250 degrees for a precooked ham. Finally looked at it at 11am added two temp probes went to 225 deg.

What you are doing is simply heating it to get it to a good temperature for your meal. On a grill with three or four burners turn off the middle burner s and leave both sides on. About 230 it made IT at 170 deg so double foiled wsome of the apple juice.

Make sure you put your glaze on 10-15 minutes before you are going to remove your ham from the grill. My plan is to totally transform the picnic ham. Preheated to 300 deg then down to 180 deg added the pork skin side down at 5 am went back to bed.

Use all 3 during the smoking process. Place picnic ham on a large roasting pan or baking dish fat side up. Cover roasting pan with foil and bake in the oven for 1 hour.

Like warming a ham in the oven you want to heat it over a low to medium flame. Add more charcoal every 30 minutes or so for even cooking. Sear ham with grill at 350 on both sides for initial 30 minutes no foil.

This was cooked on the Napoleon Kettle Grill take a look here – httpa. On a two-burner grill turn off the burner on one side but leave the other on. Lower the grill cover with the bottom vents fully open and the side vents open about one-quarter.

You will be making and using 3 of these wood chip packs 1 an hour for the first 3 hours. BBQ Ham Recipe – Smoke Fresh Ham Recipe on the BBQ. Remember that a ham is fully cooked or cured and doesnt need to be cooked to be eaten.

Place the ham over the burner that is off and the smoke chips if youre using them over the burner thats on. Prepare your grill for cooking with indirect heat. Pour 34 cup of water into the bottom of the baking dish.

Add the chips over the coals. Place the ham on the grill over the drip pan with its fatty side facing up. You need to try this recipe out.

Put the ham on the top grate and cover. It misted rain drizzled some all morning finally quit about noon added more pellets. The picnic ham is normally the shank with a portion of the shoulder and blade its the same part of the pig that is curedsmoked to make a ham ham you know the stuff you eat at Easter.

Track the temperature with your iGrill. Preheat the oven to 325 F. Cook on foil but uncovered at 225-250 for 6 hours total sliceable or 7 hours total.

With the ham properly loaded on the rotisserie you want to start it cooking on the grill. Check the ham after one hour and turn it over. Place the ham fat side up into the roaster then cover with aluminum foil.

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