Breakfast Shake With Oats

Breakfast Shake With Oats

Oatmeal love the texture from this Fruit raspberries and bananas. Now I love a good bowl of warm oatmeal as much as the next girl but I really do love adding uncooked oats to my smoothies.

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Switch the oats your favourite nut butter or almond flour meal or LSA for extra healthy fats.

Breakfast shake with oats. Whether you like them in your breakfast bowl or in a protein shake oats are a delicious source of essential nutrients you need daily for good healthNot only do oats provide a wealth of vitamins and minerals but they also contain a particular type of dietary fiber that can lower cholesterolCombined with protein and other nutritious ingredients an oatmeal protein shake makes an ideal. Oats do the heavy lifting in Plenny Shakes essential combination of carbohydrates proteins and fats you need for the day. 12 cup rolled oats.

All of the ingredients add up to a satisfying filling smoothie that tastes like a milkshake. An oatmeal protein shake is a great breakfast for people in a hurry. It packs a wallop of healthy nutrition in the form of a really tasty treat.

With the 27 vitamins and minerals weve added to the Plenny Shake recipe youre all set to win at lifestarting with breakfast. How to make Strawberry Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie To make this smoothie simply add the oats to a blender or food processor and pulse a few times to grind them up slightly. This recipe also doubles as a quick and nutritious breakfast for those on the go.

Non-dairy milk while this smoothie isnt non-dairy I do limit dairy products so I always have almond and coconut milks on hand. A protein shake with banana oats and your favorite protein powder flavor. A protein shake with banana oats and your favorite protein powder flavor.

1 cup mixed berries. This recipe also doubles as a quick and nutritious breakfast. In five minutes you have a power breakfast you can drink on the go.

Oats add fiber and makes the smoothie. Using frozen bananas will thicken this shake as they have an ice cream consistency. We start packing your order within 24 hours.

Other ingredients that make this recipe a healthy filling breakfast. GIMME MY PIMPED-UP OATMEAL SHAKE NOW. 2 tbs Greek yoghurt.

Keep these smoothie staples in your freezer. No longer do you have an excuse for dashing to work with an empty stomach.

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