Best Smoothie Recipes Grounded

Best Smoothie Recipes Grounded

To make a smoothie station in Grounded you need to find some Grub Goob and take it to the analyzer in the field station. With that done youll have the recipe to craft the Smoothie Station which is one Acorn Top five more Grub Goop and four Sprigs.

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Craft a Smoothie Station in Grounded Once the player unlocks the recipe for a Smoothie Station the recipe calls for 1 Acorn Top 4 Sprigs and 5 Grub Goops.

Best smoothie recipes grounded. When youve analyzed it youll learn the recipe and can make a smoothie station with the following items. Luckily its not very hard. Mite fuzz quartz pebble Replenishes thirst health and max health.

As you may expect you can find the goop by digging up grubs. Here is the table with all the 7 Smoothie Recipes. Heres a list of all the Smoothie Recipes discovered in Grounded so far.

If you dont have any Grub Goob laying around it is found easily enough by digging up grubs around the map. The effects of a boosted smoothie last for 6 minutes. After that – you are all set with a Smoothie bowl and you can go ham mixing up drinks.

Acron Top 1 Grub Goop 5. Fuzz on the Rocks. Grounded GROUNDED Smoothie recipes in the GROUNDED Smoothie station.

First of all – you need to get yourself one of these. Use the other items to craft the Smoothie Station. There are a total of seven different Smoothie Recipe in grounded.

List of all Smoothie Recipes in Grounded. Then you can craft it in the Meal Prep Menu with. The effects of a smoothie last for 2 minutes.

Grounded Smoothies how to make Smoothies in Grounded. Each smoothie recipe has a boosted variant called a Beefy Smoothie. Acorns are found near the Oak Tree and Sprigs are extremely common anywhere grass is found in the backyard.

Start off by finding some Grub Goob and throwing it in the analyzer at the field station. Recipe Gained From Ingredients Needed Pebblet Axe Analyze a Pebblet 3x Sprig 2x Pebblet 1x Woven Fiber Pebblet Hammer Craft Woven Fiber 3x. Smoothie effects can stack with other smoothies but not with themselves meaning the player can.

You unlock the crafting recipe by either picking up or researching an Acorn Top. Now that you know how to make a smoothie marker and understand the tremendous value that smoothies will have during your play through of Grounded lets get down into the details of each of the five smoothies. The Green Machine smoothie is amongst the most popular smoothies in Grounded.

The ingredients for each recipe are different having Plant fiber as a common ingredient. How to Make Smoothies Well – its pretty easy. This is a list of Smoothies that can be created at a Smoothie Station in Grounded.

The Smoothie station recipe will unlock.

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